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Fortune Tellers & Tarot Card Readers are Always a popular activity at events.
There is usually a line of people waiting for their turn to get some insight into their lives.

We love sending tarot readers to events because it is both popular & impactful.
It goes deeper than most entertainment elements. People get a lot out of it. 

So we have taken this meaningful inter-activity & made multiple creative ways that you can have it enhance your event.

3 Choices of how you can have our Fortune Tellers at your Celebration:

1.) Tarot Reader placed at a Table at your Venue. 
Masquerade Ball Tarot Reader by Catalyst Arts Entertainment in Wine Country California

2.) Tarot Reader is STROLLING through the Party with a Tray or Small Tables (we have 2 styles fo small tables) or Larger Living Table.
With this option the reader is generally doing shorter ‘1 card’ Readings.

A benefit to this option is that it is an activity that comes to people or that people can spot & decide to pursue whilst they are mixing & mingling.
You can even send her out to offer mini readings for people while they wait in a long line.

Strolling Tarot variety of fortune teller options for corporate events via Catalyst Arts Entertainment

3.) A proper Fortune Teller Booth- ours is both ‘classic ‘ & also unique.

This option is great because it can be placed in a quiet corner with moody lighting & feel more a mystical alcove or oasis from the party.
It is also clear what is going on. It also looks cool. 🙂 

         The downside is that a long line can tend to form with this (but that is true for the other static reader option as well)
So one way to mitigate that is to have 1 or 2 strolling readers as well.
We can add a little sign stating that people seeking 3 card readings should be in the booth line & other who are happy with a quickie reading can find a strolling reader. 

PRICE WISE- the stationary is lowest, then the tray strolling & small tables, then the Tarot booth & then the large living table. 2 hr minimum 


Lucia has been one of our top fortune tellers so we are shining this little spotlight on her.
In addition to traditional tarot she does readings with fresh spring water & crystal balls. 



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