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  • March3rd

    In honor of my birthday (today) & National Women’s Month (March)…

    Here are some links and treats and gifts dedicated to the ladies…

    Honey Queen Image/Poem Fusion- (download the high res version Here)

    Honey Queen Poem by Audette Sophia

    Lady Justice– A Music video from my friend Ashel (who has same b-day as me 3/3)

    And Announcing that all my MAKEOVERS are Half Price for the month of March!!

    March Makeover Promo with Audette Sophia face/body painter



    ArcherGoalSheet_audette to print & hang in your space as a visual reminder of your aims!

    Huntress Goal sheet + free download goal worksheet


    woman Statue in berlin- beautiful

  • March15th

    A funny video about SEO, blogging, marketing, tweeting, etc… Creative delivery.

    So many new inside jokes for tech savvy geeks. Gotta give it to Hub Spot for being creative in its gorilla marketing tactics. 🙂

    I’m gonna give the link love song some link love…