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  • February14th

    Chocolates & Heart- Catalyst Arts
















    Last night Catalyst Arts produced a small elegant Eventertainment Package for a private party of a prestigious medical group in Palo Alto.

    Guests posed in our Become the Art Photo Studio and especially loved the Big Love heArt Frame!
    The resulting photos are very fun and perfect for the Valentines Holiday.

    Cute Couple Heart frame by Catalyst Arts














    As a special surprise element, they also booked 2 of Catalyst Arts Signature ‘Tray Ladies’ in a vintage rouge hostess type look to go around serving local organic chocolates to the guests.

     Red Tray Lady 'flight attendant' entertainers by Catalyst Arts. Strolling Servers



    Special Thanks to Pat Bailey Presents for trusting us with their classy affair!



    For more Strolling Server options:


  • February12th

    This is a very special Sunday coming up- it is Chinese New Year(Year of the Tiger), Tibetan New Year, and Valentines Day!

    This year I got inspired to create this collage to offer up. Use it as you like. Send along to those you love.

    I am not generally that enthusiastic on the Valentines bandwagon, as there is so much pretense and cheese and chocolate coated baggage associated with it.
    That said- a day set aside to celebrate LOVE is a great idea. Really, if we expand beyond the romantic sphere and just affirm ALL the FORMS that LOVE takes in our lives and give affirmation and gratitude to this— it can only grow.

    So my wish is that you truly give thanks— for your partner/lover if you have one, for yourself, for your cat, dog, mother, child, friends, angels, and any other place you receive the gift of Love from.

    It truly is a precious gift.

    Cheers to Love and Cheers to You.