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  • October6th

    Face-Painting & Stilt-Walkers Available for Halloween Events!

    Let Catalyst Arts spice up your Halloween party! Our talented face-painters will take any Halloween costume to the next level—whether you’re looking for a fantastical, sexy or gruesome… we do it all!

    See some of our past Halloween stilt walker characters (below) that you can bring to your event for a ghoulish good time.

    Black Cat Stiltwalker & Halloween Stilts

    Contact us  to inquire for availability and pricing!

    Victorian Vampire & Skeleton Stilt Walkers by Catalyst ArtsOur Top Notch Professional Face/Body Painters can be brought to public parties Halloween or Day of the Dead– and can now also be booked in private sessions in our brand new Catalyst Airship Studio!

    Friday Oct. 31st Halloween Day  1pm-6pm you can book a Private Face or Body Paint Session! $25 & up
    Location- Berkeley, CA (3 min walk from Ashby Bart Station)

    Sugar Skulls Face Paint by Audette Sophia

    Day of the Dead ‘Sugar Skull’ Painting will be available in the Mission district in San Francisco on November 2nd. Location TBA. Contact Us if you want to be sure to get a slot.


    Learn the supplies and techniques to paint beautiful Sugar Skulls that won’t take you forever! This experiential 3 hour workshop will teach 3 different sugar skull designs, including a half mask face.
    Friday, October 17th 3-6pm or Sunday, October 19th 6-9pm.
    Berkeley, CA

    Call if you have questions- 415-717-2372 or Email if you would like to Sign up for the Class!

  • September29th

    Costume Closet

    I have been playing dress up pretty much my whole life.

    I have been being paid to play dress up for about 10 years now.
    (I’m a performer, stilter, & face painter)

    My inner child is thrilled about it.

    Dressing up in costumes is fun, creative, and occasionally truly glamorous, tranformational or therapeutic.

    I go out in public in costumes on a regular basis. I love Halloween because everyone else shifts shapes and comes to the party as something new (& hopefully) interesting. So maybe you are not a dress up type but you just want some ideas for Halloween costumes so you don’t feel left out. Or perhaps you are a clothes horse and want to up your game in terms of costuming yourself.


    1.) Choose a character direction that is currently genuinely inspiring to you.

    It could be compellingly attractive or compellingly disturbing, but it should be compelling. If it is tired, or more true to the old you, it won’t make you come alive when you wear it. If it doesn’t have juice for you, you won’t really rock it

    2.) If you don’t have a great idea, use your friends.
    If you are drawing a blank then make a brainstorm game out of it with some friends and bounce off each others ideas until you get one that makes you really excited. Or you could ask everyone you know what their all time best Halloween costumes were, and then just steal your favorite idea. (provided it meets tip 1 criteria)

    2.) Give it time. Don’t wait till just before the party/gig/event to pull it together.

    If you know you are going out for Halloween or are invited to a masquerade ball or need to pull a _____ themed costume out of the hat for an event soon to come, give yourself as much time as possible to daydream ideas, shop at stores, yard sales & thrift stores, and pull it together. This way you won’t feel stressed and be tempted to sucker out. This way the magic and synchronicity have time to help you get it together. (costume fairy’s do exist!)

    3.) Strive for Originality. Don’t go for a made in China ‘costume in a bag’.

    Oh it can be tempting to go online or sneak into some halloween superstore and just grab yourself one of those one size fits all costumes in a bag. If you do really want to be a sexy nurse or a vampire or a pirate or some other trendy character- find a way to do it so that you don’t look like the other 20 people at the party who bought the same cheap-o costume. Browse google images for inspiration. Repurpose fabrics & clothes in new ways. Bribe a friend who can sew to actually make you something. It is worth the effort to not look like you came off the assembly line.

    4.) It is all about the Face Paint and the Attitude.
    If your face paint looks great and you are totally in character, it can make up for a shabby costume. It goes a long way to actually try to be the character your costume is indicating. Get into it. Have a different accent and do things you wouldn’t normally do. That is a huge part of the point of costumes in the first place. Intimidated by the face paint part of this tip? Find a friend who is good at it or look up videos on you tube. (or hire someone like me:))

    5.) Bring a Prop and have a Schtick. *
    This is crucial for having a fabulous time in your getup and contributing greatly to the overall social dynamic. You will have a lot more fun if your character has some sort of playful gimmick or way to engage other party goers. IDEAS & GENERAL EXAMPLES: If you are a geisha, bring a fan and cool down the sweaty folks on the dance floor. If you are a giant banana, bring a banana and tell people they have a phone call on it. PERSONAL EXAMPLES: I was once a princess of hearts and I went around painting hearts on people with my red lip liner. Last year for Halloween I was a genie and I had this super cool lamp filled with yummy oils and I asked people to touch the lamp and make a wish and they smelled the oils and closed their eyes and made their wish and I told them it would be granted. This was infinitely more amusing than just wandering around looking like a genie. It is all about interaction. Schtick Schtick Schtick.

    So, I hope this helps and I hope you have fun creating  another costume for your arsenal.