WELCOME TO A NEW Blog Mini-Series that is geared towards Performers & Tips for Up-leveling Professionalism in your Career & in our Industry. 

Practical Advice Relevant to Event Entertainers & Performers
such as
Dancers, Circus Artists, Drag Queens & Models.
Pro Tips for Performers Gig Kit Must Haves

Given what you do some of these might be ‘should haves’ & some will be must haves’… with that said- Let’s get straight to The LIST… 

1.) Pins! A receptacle containing both safety pins & bobby pins because you will quite likely need both yourself & there will inevitably be someone else who needs one if your down to share = keep it together

2.) Deodorant, nice smelling essential oil (such as citrus, peppermint, lavender, or cedarwood) & Mints if you’re doing close up character work = smell good

3.) Your biz cards & a pen & paper = networking
(of course if you’re on a gig through an agency don’t give out your cards… ask for theirs & keep them on you)

4.) Backup pair of underbits – extra socks, bra & undies in light color.
I suggest you have the extra set all together in a large ziplock & it just lives in your gig bag= prepared  
(if you’re a male & there is any chance of them putting you in something tight- also bring a jockstrap to make everyone feel more comfortable about the equation)
Female bonus round is a few pairs extra stockings & a skin colored bodysuit.

5.) All your own makeup even if they don’t specify- & make sure you have eyelashes & eyelash glue even if that wasn’t specified.
I suggest you always arrive with at least a little of your makeup done so you are not rushed.
= look good

6.) Your own Mirror- the kind that can stand on its own. You can get them cheap at Daiso or dollar stores or get fancy ones that light up – but you will be glad that you are sitting at the table doing your makeup with visibility & use of both hands instead of sitting on the floor using your tiny compact. Wrap it in a scarf though when putting in your larger gig bag.
= get ready functionally

7.) Water Bottle & a couple healthy snacks (you never know what they will give you at a gig if anything– and especially if you are a picky eater like me & don’t consider pizza & soda to be a viable meal option– have your own snacks handy. = be nourished

8.) Your own go-to favorite bits & bobs & fancy additions. You can choose these based on gig theme or just always carry your faves with you to all gigs. Accessories & favorite things… just as a backup. You can always ask the on site manager if they like your x addition & they will likely appreciate your initiative even if they decline.
= prepared for fancy flourishes

9.) A Just In Case Bag with things like: lip balm, tampons, electrical tape, bandaid, tweezers, green tea bag, pain killer, electrolyte packet, a razor, essential oil like lavender (because it can be used for a bug bite or headache or for it’s nice smell) empty ziplock bag (maybe those green room cookies go in it?) & a throat spray if your a singer
= extra mile prepared

CONGRATS… now you can show up at your next gig like a total Pro All-Star!

– Audette Sophia