Catalyst Arts Mirror Mask Disco Bella Rosa at Liminal One Dome in SF

We had the treat of doing a Photo Shoot last week at one of San Francisco’s most unique & interactive event spaces… OneDome
They host the Unreal Garden augmented reality experience & also a new multi-room artistic experience known as LMNL and are also available as a very unique space for corporate & community events. 

Catalyst Arts Mermaid at One dome fairy hut in SF Their space is already so enchanted & it is so fun to have characters interact with & bring the different rooms to life.
Our mermaid splashed in the Lagoon with fae folk in the magical hut (pictured above)

The shoot was in preparation for an Event being thrown JUNE 8th by Scott Levkoff- Mystic Midway & Epic Immersive called Enter the Multiverse– which will showcase the space & the artistic animations & activations possible within it to local event planners as well as party people. 

Mystic Midway Contortionists at Hybcozo exhibit at One Dome in SF
You never know what you might find around the bend at a party such as this…

Vesper inside projections at LMNL at One Dome SF
Would you like to Attend?

Enter the Multiverse Party in SF

Here is the Event on Facebook– or better yet- go direct to to get earlybird tickets for $30

Catalyst Arts will be bringing a Mermaid, Intergalactic dancers & a fantasy makeup station to help guests Become the Art.

Mirror Dancer with LED Helmet by Catalyst Arts- at LMNL One Dome SF



Hosted by Scott Levkoff & One Dome
Performers- Amber Kourtney, Vesper Synd, Rebekah Cavinder, & Shelly
Costumes/Character styling- Audette Sophia & Catalyst Arts
Photos by Peter Philips