Catalyst Arts Spotlight

JULY!! Summer Events to spotlight…

This year we were asked back (4th year in a row) to help bring to life the Mardi Gras themed ‘Taste of Orleans’ at California’s Great America amusement theme park. 
      Extended to 3 weekends this year we sent 4 festive Stilt Walkers both Saturday & Sunday evenings to hand out beads, blow bubbles, pose for pics, & dance around creating a very playful festive atmosphere.

Mardi Gras Carnival Stilt Walkers by Catalyst Arts Entertainment in SF Bay Area at Taste of Orleans

Mardi Gras Carnival Stilt Walkers by Catalyst Arts Entertainment in SF Bay Area at Taste of Orleans

Our Stilt Walkers really do take events to new heights! We got creative with our props this year adding in quite a variety including fans & wings & dance flags & a hoop &  ball for the kids to play toss & basketball with. The goal is to add ambiance & excitement for those walking by as well as to be a fun interaction for anyone who wants to stop & engage with them.
* You can see some more pics on our Instagram @catalyst.arts 

July 17th  ILEA NCC Gala

Once again we were asked back as an Entertainment Sponsor for this very special Events Industry Gala for the International Live Events Association… this year it was at Pier 27 and it was Secret Garden Themed.
So many fantastic event vendors came together to make the party really outstanding. 

Green Greeters by Catalyst Arts entertainment at ILEA NCC Secret Garden Gala

ILEA NCC Secret Garden Gala 2019- Photo by Misti Layne — & Entryway/Floral by Wish Social Events 

Our bedazzling Green Greeters welcomed guests at the entryway & then did some strolling inviting guest to stop & smell the roses (our rose was drizzled with rose essential oil for a quick hit of aromatherapy).
Glam Station by Catalyst Arts SF
At the After Party we also hosted another custom GLAM STATION… this one with a Rock theme
(since the after party had a Madison Square Gardens theme) with help from Key Events. 

We offered Hair, Makeup & also Face Paint & Glitter & as always it was a hit.

July 20th we got to help celebrate the official Opening of a new terminal at SFO- Harvey Milk Terminal. Winslaw & Associates planned it & we sent 2 Larger than Life Stilt Walkers to animate the huge rooms with tall ceilings. A butterfly bella rosa & a vintage leaning Flight Stewardess.
Air Stewardess & Butterfly Stilt Walker by Catalyst Arts SF
July 25th–
We were invited to help celebrate Mortons Steakhouse 25th Anniversary event with a dazzling silver  Champagne Skirt hostess. We debuted a new model of Drink Dresses- more fabric & less metal.
She would be a lovely addition to any Winter Wonderland themed Holiday parties! 

Silver sequin Winter Wonderland Champagne Skirt by Catalyst Arts San Francisco

July 26th- We brought a fun Interactive Art Experience to life for a Tech Companies big Masquerade themed soiree aboard the San Francisco Belle- which is the largest of the boats by Hornblower Cruises & Events.

Venetian Mask making station by Catalyst Arts in San Francisco

For this Masquerade Party we created & hosted a comprehensive ‘
Customize your Venetian Mask/ crafty station with a large assortment of masks to choose from & then decorate using feathers, lace, & a large assortment of bling!
It was most certainly a popular interactive option at the party & got people into the theme.
We can’t wait to offer it again for another Masquerade themed event!


“Wow! What an event on Friday. Thank you SO much for making the mask making station come to life. You and your team were amazing and professional. Our client was so happy with everything! In fact, he said that your station was his favorite component of the evening.”– Nina L. – Hornblower Cruises

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Venetian Mask making station by Catalyst Arts in San Francisco