If you want to be an All-Star that keeps getting called by clients & agencies for the gigs- here are some practical pointers based on many years experience both as an entertainer & an agent/producer.

  1. ) Be a good Communicator– Sticky situations can often arise from one or both parties making assumption or not communicating something… so if you want to avoid being part of any little dramas then err on the side of over communicating vs under.
    Reach out to confirm things & ask questions well before the event.
    Don’t make assumptions. Be clean & friendly & professional in your communication.
  2. ) Be On Time– This sounds easy and even obvious but artists are notorious for having a stretchy relationship to time & being late.
    So the ones who are on time & early always stand out & get booked more because Reliability is super important.
  3. ) Be pleasant to work with… or even a joy to work with = stay positive.
    Don’t bring your drama or baggage to a gig. Don’t complain. Don’t bad talk anyone in the industry at a gig no matter how much you think they deserve it. Stay professional & positive.
    A pleasant attitude or energy is always appreciated.
  4. ) Arrive prepared. Bring what is asked & also extras & some things not asked. Have a well stocked gig kit & some faves that you always have with you just in case.
    >> See the Gig Kit must-haves post here
  5. ) Be fantastic at your own makeup. Yep there I just gave you a practical excuse to geek out for days on youtube tutorials & to stay in the know on the tools & techniques to look fabulous. 🙂
    Stage makeup, drag makeup, face paint, fantasy makeup etc… are all relevant for performers. You don’t have to be great at them all but more often than not you will need to do your own makeup & if it looks outstanding– people will notice.
    If this is not your forte- in addition to the youtube university you can also notice who at your event seems to excel at this & if time allows- ask them for a practical tip or two & if you can take a pic of the products in their kit that you want to track down for yourself.
    P.s. If your using glitter on your eyes make sure it is cosmetic grade glitter not craft kind & if you go glitter crazy on yourself- please try to get it off & into the garbage instead of sink or shower cause it is a microplastic & possibly harmful to the ocean. Tape helps with this a lot… even duct tape can do it.
  6. ) Keep & Share your arsenal of good promotional Pics
    Keep getting good new pics of you doing your thing– & send any awesome new pics (as well as updates if you have new costumes or a new skill) to your clients & agents on a semi-regular basis.

    I’d say 3-6 times a year is the sweet spot. You are arming them with artillery for their proposals– and if they include a pic of you in their proposal & get the contract then your chances of getting booked for it have skyrocketed.
    P.S. I have a lot more to say on this so will do a future post walking you through it
  7. ) Be Generous-– if you are willing to be a little bit generous & gracious at an event & give a little more than was expected- it will be noted & appreciated. Think of small ways to overdeliver. Look for ways to be helpful to other people at the gig- either other talent or the manager or the producer. It is not about ass kissing it is just about having a team player attitude & being willing to extend beyond the obvious bounds of your role and contribute in little ways to other people.
    I know that I make a mental note of who offers to help me get the stuff to my car or tidy up the green room at the end of the gig. Those kind of gestures can build up both trust & goodwill- which is ultimately what leads to you being thought of for future opportunities.

Audette Sophia