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  • March28th

    Some Highlights from our March Events.

    Geishas at Ozumo SF- March 9th for a tech private buyout event

    Geisha and Geisha stilt walkers from Catalyst Arts at corporate event at Ozumo in San Francisco Geisha serving Mochi at Ozumo SFMochi Anyone??


    St. Patricks day Body Painted Models

    On March 17th we were hired to bring some excitement (and whisky shots) to this Irish Pub…

    St.Patricks Body painted Tray ladies at pub by Catalyst Arts Entertainment + green body painted models

    Our models (painted & styled by Audette Sophia) were selling whisky shots at McGaugh’s pub in San Ramon

    Body Painted St. Patricks day models contortionists painted by Audette Sophia

    Body Painted St. Patricks day model/contortionists body painted by Audette Sophia

    007 Champagne Skirt at school fundraiser at Los Altos Country Club

    007 Showgirl Champagne Skirt at Country Club Fundraiser by Catalyst Arts

    007 James Bond Champagne Showgirl offering guests an exciting Welcome Drink


  • March20th

    tarot reading sign by catalyst arts


    Like many entertainment companies, we have Tarot readers and Fortune Tellers available for events.
    Always a popular station with a long line… people love getting their cards read and gaining insight from the oracle.

    So Catalyst Arts has innovated some new more creative ways for you to give this Oracle experience to your guests.


    Catalyst Arts Tarot Tray Lady fortune tellerThis lovely lady moves around the party and brings brief but potent tarot experiences to the guests that inevitably step forward for her reflection. She adds to the ambiance and guests love to stumble upon an unexpected option and experience.


    Oracle Fortune Teller booth by Catalyst Arts Entertainment in San FranciscoGuests can step up and sit at this classic mysterious booth where a tarot reader or Oracle sits. A much more exciting way to approach the experience then just sitting down at a table.


    Tarot Living Table strolling tarot table by Catalyst Arts EntertainmentThis 4 ft round table brings the tarot reading experience to your guests as she strolls around the party. You always have the option of only offering 1 card readings so you can get through many guests. Our other Living Tables

    NoteWe only hire ladies who have a deep familiarity with the cards they are reading… experienced card readers… who happen to also look good in our costumes. Aesthetic and presentation is important to us… and quality is always important- so we offer both.

    PRICES Start at $350
    CONTACT Us to Inquire about a Booking